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StoreStreams now offers a background music service resale opportunity for low voltage installers. The Store Streams background music for business service is helping established contractors bottom line by offering a complete turnkey solution for retail background music services that yields installation revenue for its resale partners. The StoreStreams background music service is easy to implement and install. It is usually a matter of plug and play.

If your company is already installing digital signage, security cameras, network cabling / switching, Voip and or audio visual equipment the StoreStreams background music service is ideal for you. Gain additional income and job opportunity installing StoreStreams speakers, amps and audio receivers in retail commercial locations.

The StoreStreams’ technical sales team is prepared to help all commercial installers and A/V pros integrate its service into any number of projects they have where in-store audio is required. StoreStreams provides the right technical know-how that can make all the difference in customer satisfaction.

StoreStreams background music, audio equipment and solutions for commercial installers

Commercial installers and re-sellers of StoreStreams can now purchase complete background music systems from StoreStreams. All purchased playback equipment will come shipped with the  designated background music feed for your customer.

Play Back Hardware

storestreams playback on any device

The StoreStreams web service application allows for playback of all StoreStreams music services on any PC, Mobile or Tablet device that is media capable with an internet connection. This is ideal for customers who have Speaker and amp solutions in place and want to recycle an old PC or tablet laying around.

A StoreStreams account is required with a broadband Internet connection.

Barix Store and Play

The Barix Exstreamer Store & Play plays pre-programmed streaming audio channels from StoreStreams. Supported by an application specific firmware, this product was designed to be used as an In-Store background music receiver. The Barix Exstreamer Store&Play device offers ad insertion, as well as for other use cases that require the playback of scheduled items with Internet radio streaming. Ideal solution for customers who already have their power amp and speakers systems in place.

A StoreStreams account is required with a broadband Internet connection.


The PMU-60N/120N/240N series mixer-amplifiers provide outstanding value and functionality for installed background music sound applications in a wide variety of commercial installations including: Education, Fitness Centers, Retail, Restaurants & Auto Dealerships. Some  of the system features include six audio inputs, telephone & paging, door chime, 6 audio inputs and multiple I/O XLR, RCA connections.

A StoreStreams account is required with a broadband Internet connection.


StoreStreams now offers integrated digital signage and menu boards with commercial background music. The Scala-certified Android player, from Imperatives, links StoreStreams background music service with your visual messages for a complete audio/visual experience. The dynamic digital signage script will play right on your existing monitor, or one that can be added to your package. The digital signage system comes complete with content creation and full content management.

A StoreStreams & Imperatives account is required with a broadband Internet connection.

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Partners are often treated as revenue streams and not true business partners.  We CHOSE to be different. We all have to work together to succeed. The StoreStreams background music service platform is a program that offers partners the right services, tools and features to make both you and your customers’ lives easier every day.

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