Program Overview

What a successful partnership should be.

Overview Of The Store Streams Partner Program

There are partner programs that leave you confused. There are partner programs that make you frustrated. And then there’s the Store Streams Partner Program. We are about building relationships that create mutually beneficial revenue streams. Not building revenue streams that are the basis of one-sided relationships.

Our Partner Program is your connection to our experts and resources, to help build your business through collaboration. Whether you are a fledgling startup or an established household name, we build our relationship around your business. Support marketing, sales, technical and customer care, unique product offerings, training and account management—they’re all here and available to you.

Our arsenal of people, tools and training will help you succeed by:

  • Expanding your business opportunities
  • Growing your business through ongoing, recurring revenue streams
  • Customizing joint strategic sales and marketing initiatives
  • Providing opportunities to deliver value-added services
  • A Simple Model For Success

Like we said, we like to keep things simple. And whatever your level or type of involvement with our Partner Program, that never changes.

Requirements and benefits